AGRODROP - Tecnología agroecológica que optimiza los recursos hídricos
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    Agrodrop - Drop System

Our commitment to the planet and humanity


Our work philosophy starts from the initiative to help the world by improving the management of water resources, which is something that is becoming scarce day by day; being a fundamental resource for the production of food and life on the planet.

With Drop System we will be able to generate more food with fewer resources, with the long-term goal of seeking to collaborate with the objectives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which strives to achieve food security for all equally.

 With regard to the environment, not only do our products have 0% contamination when they are manufactured, but we have adopted a policy that seeks to avoid contamination with plastic waste from the drums in which we deliver the different technologies.  As a solution to this problem, we have designed a logistic system for the recovery of our containers, which will be washed and treated in a special sector in our industrial plant.

Help us reforest Corrientes.

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