AGRODROP - Tecnología agroecológica que optimiza los recursos hídricos
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    Agrodrop - Drop System


Welcome to the new agricultural production system that will revolutionize world agriculture.

Drop System, by Agrodrop, was born from the need to maximize the humidity required by each crop and enhance the nutritional requirements of the plant.

What is Drop System?
Drop System is a new technology in soil conditioners based on Mineral Salts, which has the ability to bind a large percentage of rain or irrigation water that we lose through transpiration and filtration, as well as fertilizers and micro and macro minerals. Drop System has the ability to rehydrate with rain or irrigation, improves moisture retention capacity in filtering soils and generates oxygen to the roots when rehydrated. It is a 100% environmentally friendly product.

Why use Drop System?
DROP SYSTEM "Non-chemical, non-toxic". This technology has no harmful effects either during or after use. It is able to bind microminerals and macrominerals that are lost by evapotranspiration and filtration, optimizing also the fertilizer yield. It is ideal for all those who wish to do agroecology.

Who uses Drop System?
- Extensive crops (all cereals and oilseeds, yerba mate, tea, tobacco, cotton, peanuts, sugar cane, forestry, vineyards, etc).
- Intensive crops Horticulture, floriculture, fruit orchards, family gardens
- Parks and gardens
- Private uses
And the most important thing: it is BIODEGRADABLE. It leaves absolutely no residue in the soil once it loses its capacity to bind water. It disappears from the soil because its composition is based on mineral salts.

Would you like to test our technology?
Contact us to tell us in which crop you would like to test it, how many hectares and in which location. A trial protocol is tailored to each producer, with satellite monitoring and weekly crop development reports. There are producers who have already tested it with yields up to 20% increase with respect to the untreated control.

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