AGRODROP - Tecnología agroecológica que optimiza los recursos hídricos
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Irrigation consists of providing water to crops "artificially" by means of equipment, in order to satisfy the water needs that were not covered by rainfall. We say that Drop System is compatible with any of the irrigation systems we use, because it optimizes the performance of fertilizers, nutrients, but above all the water consumption in general; being easily verifiable from the moment we can turn it on every day to only once or three times a week depending on the water needs of the crop.

    This conceptual transformation of agriculture will allow us to reduce all kinds of ancillary costs ranging from turning on irrigation to the planet's resources.  In areas without irrigation systems, where we depend on rainfall, the installation of Drop System is vital to avoid plant stress or in the worst case the loss of the crop.

    According to the quantities of Drop System applied, and according to the consumption of each plant or crop, it will allow us to lengthen the periods of water requirement, as well as in cases of blanket irrigation not to waste the water that other producers need. In this way, we would be using water resources consciously.

  The ignition of a pivot for example is very costly, as well as on a smaller scale are the irrigation and fertigation systems; that is why placing the correct amounts of Drop System will allow us to increase yields while lowering irrigation costs.

   A full use of Drop System in agriculture in general would not only increase production, but also generate great savings, but above all it could transform rainfed areas into irrigated areas.

  An irrigation system together with Drop System ensures a successful crop that will boost yields.

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