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The Multimedia states "Drop system" as a product to ensure the life of the tree 

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Step by step to plant a tree with guaranteed success

Pay attention to important initial questions so that we are not disappointed and that our objective is achieved.

Whenever we propose to sow or plant any species in our garden we want it to prosper. So we must be attentive to important initial issues so as not to be disappointed and that our goal is achieved.

There is a magic formula so that the silver has more probabilities of success and it is to give much importance to the soil, to prepare the hole well, to place the plant is the last thing that we think, although it is the most beautiful thing.

How important it is to add trees in our places! We know that nowadays planting is a big investment and we don't want to fail in the attempt.

So, when is a good time to plant trees? As our grandmothers used to say, plant in the months without R, this rule does NOT apply to all plants, but it DOES apply to trees, especially deciduous and bare root ones.

It has an explanation, the months without R are the winter months, where the plant does not have so much activity in the area and can send all its energy for the root to develop successfully.

When we visited Grupo Arbolado they gave us some tips that can help you in this task. Here we tell you about them:

Easy and key

-Make a hole, it is always better to make it twice the size of the clod or root.

- Place compost and Agrodrop's Drop System in case you have it, this will help to maintain humidity.

- If you have time, the ideal is to put water in the hole and leave it for a couple of hours, to certify that it has good drainage, if this is not the case, you will have to improve the soil.

- Once everything is ready, place the plant and immediately cover it with substrate (black soil + compost).

- Tamp well, we can add some mulching (bark, straw, freshly cut grass).

- Some trees require stakes, depending on the location of the plantation.

- For the ants I recommend to put fungus that come in the market with granulated bait.

 - Finally and very important to water a lot, so that the plant settles well. It is key to know that we have access to good quality water before starting a large plantation.

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