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  21/05/2022 03:12 Noticias

  The pandemic and climate change made us all rethink the importance of caring for the environment. Through an initiative of Juan Carlos Godoy, CEO of Rio Uruguay Seguros, the racetrack of Concepción del Uruguay, in the Province of Entre Ríos in Argentina, was turned into the first sustainable racetrack. To this end, solar panels were installed by the company SUX SOLAR, and in a first stage 250 native trees were planted in order to reduce not only noise pollution but even more importantly to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the vehicles in the races, being Agrodrop invited to collaborate with the cause.  

 When we heard about such a great proposal from RUS in its agricultural department, we decided to get to work delivering and placing our technology for forestation "Drop System Intensive Fields" in each of the trees. We donated all the drums in order to help the plants to take root and avoid their death also due to lack of irrigation or other unforeseen events.  Drop System Intensive Fields minimizes the percentage of probability of death of each tree.  

 For this action, the Concepción del Uruguay racetrack received an FIA star for being the first sustainable racetrack in South America. The event with worldwide resonance took place on the weekend of March 26 and 27 in front of 35 thousand spectators for the third date of the Turismo Carretera and TC Pista, with the participation of the drivers, directors of the racetrack and the mayor, as well as the RUS team, the SUX SOLAR team and the AGRODROP team.



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